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Commercial Landscaping

Compared to landscaping of residential properties, it is more important to have good landscaping for commercial properties since it can affect the rentals and resale value. Well-designed landscaping can also attract more walk-in customers. Businesses and commercial property owners in Overland Park can contact Overland Park Landscaping for all their Commercial Landscaping requirements. We provide landscaping and related services for a wide range of commercial properties like, Shopping malls, Hotels, Restaurants, and Offices!

Snow Removal

During winter, heavy snow can block access to the commercial property making it difficult for customers, employees and others to access it. We specialize in snow removal from all areas of commercial properties, especially the entrance and parking lot. Depending on the requirement of the customer we can arrange to completely remove the snow instead of piling it up in the parking lot. Our services are available on all days of the week during winter. We can also make suitable arrangements so that snow and ice is not formed in specific areas of the commercial properties, even when temperatures reduce below the freezing point.

Sod Installation

Growing a lawn takes some time, and some commercial property owners cannot afford to wait for the grass to grow. Sod installation is a convenient and quick alternative to growing grass in a lawn. We handle all aspects of sod installation from choosing the sod type, determining the area of the sod, preparing the surface for the installation, and installing the selected sod in the location specified. We also help in maintenance of the sod installed and ensure that it remains lush green.

Apartment Hardscapes

Compared to home owners, apartment owners have less place to grow plants in their home. Hence apartments usually have landscaped gardens around them, where residents can relax and exercise. The landscape includes hardscapes like walkways, walls, fountains, waterfalls, statues and similar features. We work closely with the apartment owners and management to finalize the type and design of the apartment hardscapes required, after considering their budget. After this we arrange to supply the materials required for the hardscape, and our skilled staff will also install the hardscape according to the design.

Commercial Landscaping Overland Park Landscaping
Tree Service Overland Park Landscaping

Tree Service

We offer a variety of tree services ranging from emergency services to regular trimming. During a storm or similar weather conditions, a tree may get uprooted, or its branch will break off, often damaging property including vehicles and the roof. The tree or branches can also block access to the property. Our emergency tree service includes chopping and removing any tree which is uproot or branches. It is also advisable to periodically trim the trees to remove the dead branches or branches which are growing close to the building or entering the neighboring property. Our experienced staff is familiar with the different types of trees growing in Kansas, and will inspect the tree, to identify the branches which may cause problems. We also have the latest equipment for trimming, chopping the tree safely and quickly without adversely affecting the growth of the tree, damaging property or causing injuries.

Thus using our landscaping services to Landscape your property in Overland Park and the surrounding area will save you time and enhance your property value. Let us give you the landscape you’ve always wanted. YOU DON’T TAKE CHANCES WITH US! CALL US NOW! 913-354-2752