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Irrigation and French Drains

While every property owner in Overland Park, Kansas and other areas in the vicinity would like to own a landscaped property with a lush lawn. The plants, shrubs, trees, herbs and lawn will only flourish if it is watered properly. Manually watering the plants in the garden and other areas is very time consuming, tedious and not always efficient. Often water is wasted while watering manually, and the soil may also get eroded. Hence many home and other property owners are interested in installing irrigation and french drains for their lawn, garden or other areas of the property, to simplify the task of ensuring that the plants get the water they require.

French Drains

In many properties, the water does not drain away after due to the soil condition, or terrain. This results in muddy soil, water accumulation with mosquitoes and other insects flourishing in the water. To overcome this problem, property owners should consider installing a French drain so that excess water in the lawn and other areas will drain away. The drain is usually a few feet deep and has a large perforated pipe at the bottom. The pipe is covered with gravel or similar porous material, so that excess water will percolate through it, while solids do not block the pipe.

Drip Irrigation

When a plant is watered using conventional methods, a large part of the water is drained away eroding the soil, or evaporates. To prevent wasting water and soil erosion, it is better to install a drip irrigation system wherein water droplets are periodically released to the plant so that it gets the water it requires to grow. The drip irrigation system is designed based on the garden layout and the plants which are being grown. Some plants like herbs require more water, while other plants survive with less water.

Irrigation and French Drains Overland Park Landscaping
Irrigation and French Drains Overland Park Landscaping

Sprinkler System

Some areas of the garden like the lawn require more water, so that the grass can grow well and lush. Hence in these areas, it is better to install a sprinkler system, which will ensure that all the areas of the lawn will be uniformly watered. Based on the weather, soil conditions and type of grass we will design a suitable sprinkler system, to reduce the time and effort for watering the lawn and other areas. We also supply the various components of the sprinkler system, install it at our client’s property and ensure that it functions properly.

Irrigation Repairs

Since most of the irrigation system is installed outdoors, it is exposed to adverse weather conditions in Kansas like heavy rainfall or the constant freezing and unfreezing of water. This can damage the pipes or other components of the irrigation system like sprinklers. Trees and branches may damage the pipes and outdoor pests like rats and moles may also dismantle some parts. So, if there is problem in the irrigation system due to which one area is not getting water or some areas are flooded, it is advisable to contact us at the earliest. We will check the irrigation system to locate the cause of the problem. Our experienced staff will then repair the system replacing the damaged section or part.

Thus using our landscaping services to Landscape your property in Overland Park and the surrounding area will save you time and enhance your property value. Let us give you the landscape you’ve always wanted. YOU DON’T TAKE CHANCES WITH US! CALL US NOW! 913-354-2752