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Landscape Lighting Installation

Traditionally, landscaping has been about arranging the fauna in the most attractive fashion possible. It has involved designing the most beautiful flower beds, the use of attractive water features, and the meticulous shaping of shrubs and trees to create a harmonious feel.

Landscape lighting installation is one of the newer trends landscapers are using to serve a wide range of functional and aesthetic purposes. The use of low-voltage bulbs for lighting has only made landscape lighting a more common trend. Low-voltage bubs are popularly used for outdoor lighting purposes due to them being relatively safer, cost-effective and versatile.

Landscape Lighting Overland Park Landscaping
Landscape Lighting Overland Park Landscaping

Landscape Lighting Options

There are several landscape lighting options, each serving a different purpose. We list some of the most popular ones here:

Accent Lights: Accent lights are used in landscaping to highlight specific features in the garden such as a tree, the entrance, or other architectural elements. They are perfect for creating a dramatic effect and for emphasizing the standout feature of the landscape.

Path Lights: Path lights serve the very functional purpose of helping people walk safely at night-time when there is little to no natural light. The fact that they add considerable aesthetic appeal to the outdoor setting is an added bonus. Path lights are a brilliant way of directing newcomers to your entrance.

Wash Lights: Many landscape designers have found wash lighting to be that secret ingredient for creating just the right kind of ambiance. Wash lights are used to create a certain glow of color in a space. Wash lighting is one of the best ways of creating a harmonious feel to the outdoor space. Done right, it can help the backdrop blend together perfectly and create just the right environment.

There are many more lighting options in the market. Which options you use will be influenced by the lighting technique you settle upon. There are numerous landscape lighting techniques in the market such as moon lighting, up lighting, shadowing, grazing, silhouetting, etc.. Which one you choose will depend on what best suits your garden and best serves your purpose.

Why Hire A Professional

If you are anywhere in the area of Overland Park, Kansas and are interested in giving a face-lift to your outdoor space via landscape lighting, then it is best to get in touch with a local landscaping business. Why? Because a professional landscape designer will have the experience and expertise to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape lighting for your outdoor space. The right designer will find out what you want for your landscape, identify what lighting technique best suits your outdoor space, and blend the two to deliver the best, most customized results.

Why Hire Us

 Once you have decided to hire a professional to get the best look for your garden and start looking anywhere in the area of Overland Park, then you have no need to look beyond us: Overland Park Landscaping. Why should you hire us? Here is why:

  • We offer comprehensive landscaping services, including, but not limited to, landscape lighting.
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  • A local business of the Overland Park area, we have strong market relations and are intimately aware of the local market conditions and trends.

So, if you are looking to hire a professional landscaping business for landscape lighting installation and are in anywhere in the area of Overland Park, Kansas, then do not hesitate to contact us at Overland Park Landscaping and we will make sure to give you a landscaping experience of a lifetime.

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