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Landscaping Service

Many residential and commercial properties in Overland Park are being used for the first time or the property owner wishes to change the existing layout and garden to suit his requirement. In these cases, it is advisable to contact us at Overland Park Landscaping for landscaping the property according to the plans of the property owner. Our Landscaping Service is comprehensive and includes planning, design, procurement, supply of materials and installation if required. We are familiar with the weather conditions, lifestyle and terrain in Overland park, and a large number of property owners have used our services.

Ground Work

The first step in landscaping is ground work, preparing the ground for further gardening, stonework or hardscape installation. In some areas, the terrain may be uneven or hilly while in other areas, there may be holes in the ground. After planning the landscaping, especially the garden and other areas, we do the ground work required, so that further landscaping work can be done quickly. If required, we can remove the mud, stones or dirt from the area to make it level. Also, if necessary, we can arrange for fertile soil required for growing certain types of plants, herbs and trees in the garden

Flower Planting

Flowers are an integral part of every garden, adding a touch of color and often a pleasant fragrance. We work closely with the property owner to select the flowering plants which he wishes to grow in the garden, and the location of these plants. We also consider the soil conditions, favorite colors and the amount of time the property owner can spend for garden maintenance to advice the property owner to choose the right plants. There are a large number of seasonal, annual and perennial flowering plants which grow in Kansas. While some plants grow from seeds, others grow from cuttings and bulbs. We supply and plant the flowering plants.

Landscaping Service Overland Park Landscaping
Landscaping Service Overland Park, Kansas

Raised Beds

The growth of plants depends to a large extent on the soil in which they are planted. It should be fertile, and well drained. In some areas of the garden or other Kansas property, the soil may not be suitable for growing certain varieties of herbs and plants. Based on the plants or herbs which are to be grown, we will provide raised beds. The raised beds will be designed based on the number of plants which will be grown, and the root depth. We will also supply the soil and other material for the raised beds, sow the seeds, bulbs, planting material for the selected plants.

Gravel Sidewalk

High quality soil will often adhere to the footwear and will be washed away if anyone walks on it. Gravel is the preferred material for the sidewalks since it is porous and allows the water to drain away quickly while remaining dry. Based on the size and layout of the garden or property, we will consult the property owner to finalize the size and location of the gravel sidewalk. We will then supply the material necessary for the sidewalk, and our skilled staff will install the gravel sidewalk.

Thus using our landscaping service to Landscape your property in Overland Park and the surrounding area will save you time and enhance your property value. Let us give you the landscape you’ve always wanted. YOU DON’T TAKE CHANCES WITH US! CALL US NOW! 913-354-2752