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Lawn Fertilization

Many families having a home in Overland Park and surrounding areas of Kansas, would like to have a lush green lawn in front of their house, where they can relax. A well maintained lawn also adds to the curb appeal and value of the property. Since most families do not have the time and expertise to look after their lawn properly, they should hire Overland Park Landscaping since we offer comprehensive lawn fertilization services required for a lush lawn at a reasonable price.

Lawn Care

We offer lawn care for existing lawns and also grow new lawns in homes which did not have a lawn earlier. We help in selection of the lawn grass from the various types of lawn grasses like bermuda grass, centipede grass, kentucky blue grass and other varieties based on the soil conditions. Our services include aeration of the ground, so that the grass will grow well, seeding to grow new grass, lawn inspection to check the growth. We also offer lawn mowing services to periodically trim the grass, so that it does not exceed a particular height. The frequency of lawn mowing varies depending on the type of grass grown.

Lawn Fertilization Overland Park Landscaping
Lawn Fertilization Overland Park, Kansas

Lawn Fertilization

The grass in the lawn will grow well only if it has the required nutrients. We will carry out a soil analysis to find out the composition of the soil for the lawn area, so that a suitable fertilizer can be used after considering the type of grass grown. The fertilizer will be applied on the lawn area periodically, usually once in a few months, to replenish the nutrients in the soil. In some cases, we may use a slow release fertilizer for the lawn, so that required nutrients are slowly released into the lawn soil.

Weed Control Service

Often weeds will flourish in the fertile soil of the lawn, so we provide weed control services to remove the existing weeds and prevent the growth of weeds in future. We will closely inspect the lawn to identify any weeds which may be growing in the lawn. Since these weeds will utilize the fertilizer and water for the lawn grass, adversely affecting the growth, they should be removed at the earliest. If the weeds are few in number, they should be manually pulled out. They should be removed when they are small, before they propagate further. If mainly one type of weed is growing, a suitable herbicide may be applied to prevent further weed growth.

Outdoor Pest Management

Pests can adversely affect the growth of the lawn and also make it difficult to use the lawn. So of the pests like grubs which are beetle larvae, army worms can eat the grass in the lawn resulting in patches. Other pests like mosquitoes and ticks can bite those who are resting in the lawn, causing itching and diseases. Rats, mice, moles can dig up the lawn. Hence it is important to inspect the lawn carefully to detect if there pests so that corrective action can be taken immediately. A combination of pesticides and natural pest control methods may be used.

Thus using our landscaping services to Landscape your property in Overland Park and the surrounding area will save you time and enhance your property value. Let us give you the landscape you’ve always wanted. YOU DON’T TAKE CHANCES WITH US! CALL US NOW! 913-354-2752