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Stonework Services

Though stone is used for interior decoration in some homes, it used far more extensively for landscaping in properties in Overland Park and other areas of Kansas. Compared to other materials like wood, metal and plastic; stone is ideal for outdoor use since it is very durable and does not corrode, rot or break easily. Overland Park Landscaping offers a wide range of Stonework Services for our customers to enhance their garden and improve the value. We use a wide range of stones of different types, sizes and shapes depending on the application.

Stone Pathways

The soil in the garden is usually muddy, since it is watered often. And it can become inconvenient to try and walk around and work in your garden or landscaped areas. Hence most larger gardens have stone pathways which make it convenient for the user to reach any area of the garden, without accidentally trampling on seedlings and other plants. Based on the garden layout and plants, we will work closely with the property owner to finalize the location of the pathways. The pathways are usually made from gravel, pebbles, though in some cases crushed granite may be used.

Custom Stonework

Unlike garden furniture, which is not very durable, stonework is more permanent and enhances the landscaping. Depending on the requirement and layout of the property, we can design and install different stonework features. Benches and similar seating arrangements made from stone are some of the most popular stone works. Stone tables can also be installed in the shape or size required. Statues, fountains and waterfalls made from stone are also installed in gardens and are the focal point. In some properties, boulders may be used as a focal point, and we can also supply different types of boulders.

Stonework Service Overland Park Landscaping
Stonework Services Overland Park Landscaping

Retaining Walls

Many property owners prefer to have retaining walls for their property made from stone because they require less maintenance compared to fences made from other materials. We help the property owner to choose the right stone for their retaining wall to match the landscaping of their property. We also design the wall, based on the height, thickness required, the material chosen for the walls, location of the walls. Additionally, stone is also used for marking the boundaries of different areas in the property like flower beds.


Based on the stonework required by our client, our experienced staff will design the stone pathway, retaining walls or custom stonework, choosing the stones of the desired color, shape, size, and type. After finalizing the quantity required, we can also source the stones from reliable suppliers at an affordable rate, while ensuring quality. Our staff will install the stonework based on the design finalized, using high quality material so that the stonework is durable and is not affected by most weather conditions.

Thus using our landscaping services to Landscape your property in Overland Park and the surrounding area will save you time and enhance your property value. Let us give you the landscape you’ve always wanted. YOU DON’T TAKE CHANCES WITH US! CALL US NOW! 913-354-2752