Signs and Tips for Avoiding a Tree Service Scam

Fallen tree on the roof after big storm

While many businesses offer tree maintenance services, picking the best one can be challenging. Unsuspecting homeowners often fail to see the warning signs and break their budget by paying unlicensed or inexperienced contractors. Fortunately, several tips will help homeowners remain vigilant and avoid a tree service scam.

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Ask for insurance policies

If a business claims they’re insured, ask to see the appropriate documentation. When possible, talk to the carrier since some companies may produce fraudulent policies to trick unsuspecting clients. Also, look for worker compensation coverage. If an accident occurs, the coverage protects the homeowner from potential lawsuits.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) helps homeowners find reputable companies they can trust. Hop on the organization’s website and look up the tree service company under consideration. The website will generate valuable information and let homeowners know whether the business is BBB accredited. BBB standards aim to protect customers and include transparent advertising, integrity, and privacy. Also, remember to check the rating, which is a good indicator of customer satisfaction.

Check the company’s reputation

A reliable business should have numerous online reviews that praise its expertise and professionalism. In addition to online research, check the websites of trade associations. For example, if the company is a Tree Care Industry Association member, it’s probably dedicated to delivering quality results. It’s also good to revise online forums and discussion rooms where previous clients might share more about their experience with the company.

Beware of pricing

If the service seems inexpensive, the contractor may be inexperienced, unlicensed, or underqualified. Moreover, they may only plan to complete the project partially. However, a steep price isn’t always an indicator of quality service. Don’t be afraid to inquire about what’s included in the price. If the contractor is using specialized equipment, this may justify the cost of their service.

Get multiple estimates

To avoid being overcharged, reach out to multiple businesses to receive an estimate. Ideally, arrange an in-person meeting with their representatives to understand better what their services cover. This helps homeowners see the business’ professionalism.

Don’t hire door-to-door contractors

The BBB discourages homeowners from hiring door-to-door contractors. They’re usually scam artists preying on unsuspecting people. Once they get the money, they’ll abandon the project, and homeowners will have to deal with costly repairs.

Be careful after disasters

Storms and hurricanes can uproot trees and cause structural damage to the home. As a result, some businesses may approach homeowners offering their services at unreasonable prices.

Look for an insured and licensed company whose services justify its prices.

Work with a trusted tree service business

Homeowners who want to upgrade their backyard should contact an experienced professional. They have the expertise to finish the project quickly and guarantee client satisfaction.